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In 10-15 min your dumplings are ready!


1 - Put oil on a pan until you cover the bottom and heat it up at medium heat.

2 - Put the frozen dumplings on the pan.

3 - Cover the pan for 2 min or until the dumplings get seared on the bottom.

4 - Add water until you cover the bottom of the pan and cover it again.

5 - Let it cook for 5min (vegetable or shrimp) or 8min (meat).

6- Uncover the pan and let it cook until the water evaporates completely.


Tip - add more water if the pan gets try too soon.




1 - Heat the water in a pot.

2 - Put the frozen dumplings on a bamboo steamer with similar diameter, over a paper liner.

3 - When the water is boiling, put the bamboo steamer on top of the pot.

4 - Let it cook in high heat for 6min (vegetables and shrimp) or 10min (meat).

Do you want Madam Bō at home?

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